The Boones – Archie Lee, ShQuita, Adam, Abby, ShaiTesha, Archie Caleb

Letter from The Boones

As the summer arrives, we are preparing to purchase the Tait Family House, located at 7647 Manassas Court. We arrived here in 2015, to provide care for Mark Tait and make repairs to his home.  In 2017, Mark Tait was the last family member to move out, so we became renters. We extended an offer to buy the Tait House in January 2021, but it was declined. On May 26, 2021,  a board member of the Tait Trust reached out to us about selling the house. During their walk-through, the team felt led to accept our initial offer. They had stated that, “it was evident to us that your family is planted here.”

We are in the beginning phases of the home-buying process. So we ask for your prayers as we look forward to becoming Heritage Point homeowners, by the end of this summer.  It is with great pleasure that we serve as neighbors and friends of Heritage Point. Enjoy your juice by SDBODYWORKS and we sure hope that you are enjoying Father’s Day 2021.

-The Boone Family



Whether it be poetry, spoken word, or gospel message, the beauty of his art lies ultimately in its invitation to quiet reflection. Just Archie’s goal is to use music as a platform to bridge self expression with social change. Archie pens lyrics designed to shake listeners from their complacencies. In spite of the noise, he still invites us to pause and think. Even with a passing knowledge of Black history, anyone can appreciate the lyrical tapestries that convey the paradoxes faced by a son of Norfolk. Just Archie’s message cannot be dissociated from the legacy of oppression in the South. But this makes it all the more worthwhile to grapple with the contradictions of human condition.

By combining humanitarianism with hip-hop culture, Just Archie channels a style of rap rarely seen: positive. He has been crafting songs for digital albums, and community projects that break through traditional boundaries and bring forth a fresh environment for a change in Hampton Roads. Just Archie graduated from Norfolk State University with certificates in career studies, and a Bachelors of Science in Early Childhood Education, while spearheading community programs for urban youth. Stepping up to join the legacy of artists who teach, Archie advocates for the less fortunate and serves as a role model to younger musicians at his own artist expo, called “Sets & Cyphers.”

When “Something In the Water” came to Virginia Beach in 2019, Just Archie camped at the Oceanfront not to sing along or dance. He scanned the crowd for signs of people overdosing. Equipped with Narcan- a nasal spray that reverses the effects of an opioid overdose, he was honored by Norfolk Sheriff’s Office as the first recipient of the “Sheriff Joe Baron’s Difference Maker Award.” Just Archie and his publishing company were featured as music creators in LA’s Music Industry Quarterly Roll Call & Credits; nominated Best Hiphop Artist by VEER Magazine in 2017, 2018, 2019; Best Local Music of 2020’s Pandemic Song of the Year honorable mention for “Corona Kisses.”

 You can see his work that has been exhibited widely online through his artist page , Christian Broadcast Network (CBN), and 700 Club’s Interactive, including two separate features, “Dirty God,” and “Gods at War,” that aired on international television networks.

Discography:  Finding Archie (2012), “Made In Virginia” (2013) Made In Virginia: The Gold Edition (2016) – musical score for, “The ReUp” film documentary; Just Arrived (2017);  Painkillers: The Epidemic Ep (2020) – musical score for, “Plandemic: Docufilm;” Love Songs for Corona: The Pandemic (2020); as well as his most recent digital album collaboration with Arock Dasupa, called “Beyond Stars (2021).” 

Venues Booked: Showtime at the Apollo Tour, Attucks Theatre; Campus Chaos, Old Dominion University; Host for Open Mic at Voncile’s Restaurant; The Mirage, Las Vegas, Nevada; The Violent Take it by Force, Morehouse College, Atlanta, Georgia; Host and Promoter for Sets & Cyphers at Groove Record Shop, Norfolk, Virginia.

Production Team: Josh Whitener, Publicist;  DeAndre Fulton, Videographer; Emanuel Carraway, Photographer; Anthony K. Richardson, Producer.