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“Wonderful Morning: Who Will Buy?” In Memory of Rapper Mac Miller

“Wonderful Morning: Who Will Buy?” In Memory of Rapper Mac Miller

Directed by DeAndre Fulton | Co-Directed by Archie Boone Jr. | Music Produced by A-Rock Dasupa

In respect of the life and music of Malcolm “Mac Miller” McCormick, I want to address my audience. Mac Miller has many fans and loved ones.  He was an influencer that tragically passed away, at the tender age of 26. Due to his fatal overdose, I want to release this video, “Wonderful Morning: Who Will Buy?”

Please grab hold of this content and share with others. The context is meant to change the conversations that we are having about substance abuse. My team and I want to put a face to prescription drug and heroin addiction. We understand that many may not be aware that young white males and females are most vulnerable, during this opioid crisis. Other may be thinking how it is even possible.

There are no simple answers to these complex questions, but we can start by sharing our experiences and perspectives. I would appreciate your feedback, thoughts, and comments. Moreover, please watch and immediately share it.



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