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Lyrics – Wonderful Morning: Who Will Buy? Featuring Nancy Sinatra


Writer: Archie Boone Jr.

Artist: Just Archie


Painkillers sentences hang while big Pharma gang bang, in place of drug dealers.  Nobody would hear us till crisis hit us. You a villain with no feeling you sacrificing your children. Money made it to billions. No walls or ceilings to reveal what you’re concealing. Wicked lies appealing fulfillment when you hear it.  Oxycute em with OxyContin- your truth is useless. Generation is Judas the noose around their necks. Whose next! Whose left?  If dividend checks came direct I bet you would you’d invest? Depressed when the press sees your seeds in disease.  White males and females are in a cell, and its sickening. Cause’ White faces is on addiction. But did you feel the same way when we’re the victim? Oxy 80 while little Haley got her Ritalin, Molly, Percocet for the younger populace. Cotton mouths- what you all talking bout? Gotta place a bet, and then the people got upset! Now they have to pay the tip and the check. Yes! Now they have to pay the tip and the check. 


Your predecessors let crack get us and let us rot. That’s the reason for dope boys on every block. Ghetto metaphoric we paying for it. Who called the cops? In 1915, Narcs opened up shop. Import export the prices never dropped. Reformers and diplomats had all played a part. Physicians were god-fearing, but entered in the dark. House in order, but hidden flames would soon set a spark. Prohibition – barbiturates hit them right in the heart of a nation- poor and naked. United Statesmen. The lesson beloved community alienation stage set for youth experimentation. Drug violations,  criminalization, prescription addiction is very sophisticated. Drugs ain’t illicit when labeled as medication. Let’s go and ask the Food and Drug Administration. 


Lost your job? That’s called globalization! 12 step programs failed this generation. Health care no fair overprescribed patients. Quick tell me what can you do with no patients?   Pill Mills… Capitol Hill’s favorite, Purdue Pharma drama but that was a money maker, to bring top marketing strategies to the table. Middle class wives, immigrants, even babies. Why would you wanna tell it if selling it wasn’t  wavy? Since 1999, half million in the gravy. Drug overdoses the number are looking crazy. Accelerated trends you can’t blame it on Jay-Z. Nor any other rapper, don’t play me. I ain’t lazy. 21% of Americans dying lately and you ain’t see it coming? Funny, how about the 80’s? Crack babies  flooded your term; you wanna trade me? I think not, I sent a letter to my friend- a born again Christian grandfather a lynchman. This current epidemic brought everyone to attention.  Like Chari-yut! Tell them all hurry up!




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