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Lyrics – Moonlight

Writer: Archie Boone Jr.
Artist: Just Archie
Nobody hear us, nobody feel us. We are the illiest.  Villians with no feelings, your children so come and get us up.
Nobody hear us, nobody feel us. We are the illiest.  Villians with no feelings, your children your need to hurry up.
Spend a trillion tax dollars that’ll make you holler.  Your forearm got tracks shooting crack holla! More bombs drop them off to the white collars. Old heads wanna talk but y’all ain’t  role models. I’m on the pathway to riches with a cold bottle, hot models, your heart throttles when they from bottom. Don’t doubt him ask about him he’ll be the loudest you wanna find him. Potent laudanum you be sniffing mountains. Hopping bouncing grams and ounces. Public Health announcement: You’ll be out in 3 seconds let me starting counting. You’re on top the mountain. You want more of the pounding. You want more surroundings. You gone drown at the foundation. I see your pupils dilated you can’t see without them. I see you that juice and how you made it, you can’t be without it. I see them pills made you feel like you can’t sleep without them. I see the future of the youth and I can’t be without them.
I ain’t talking copy cats, now do you copy that. I ain’t signing contracts. I copyright my raps.  No walls no ceilings, lemme get on that. I’m invincible no feelings. But I’m speaking facts. Shimmy shimmy jimmy crack corn. What is he on? Something is off. Can’t beat him? Then you need to join. Membership better get your gift and your money. Lunatics strap him in tight by tummy. Everyday seems sunny when your money coming right. When the doo-doo hit the fan. You gone be the man, psych, psych, psych, like psychiatrist. Get your vitamins. Them people coming. Don’t  invite them in? They don’t want money; don’t make light of it. It’s dark night. We by the fire pits. You gotcha whole life- better get a grip. Let go the knife- don’t let it slip. It’s long road- it’s a hard trip. Pathways to recovery, what is it?
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