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Just Archie X Moonlight

Just Archie X Moonlight

Shot x DeAndre Fulton | Directed by Archie Boone Jr. | Produced by A-Rock Dasupa

Boone has had issues with addiction. In his younger days his wrestle with self-control led to a new outlook on life. He became more spiritual, he advocated for neighborhood improvement and more drug awareness. Although there is a scope to addiction, at its core it can affect everyone similarly. This is the overall issue “Moonlight” addresses.





One response to “Just Archie X Moonlight”

  1. Thanks for sharing! This is an innovative way to raise awareness of the nonmedical use of prescription drug use. “drugs aren’t illicit if labeled as medication” is what many people think. The message in your lyrics is clear. If people listen closely, they will get the history lesson. This “Epidemic” of drug addiction isn’t new and how they are treating the new “face” of it is totally different than how our people were treated. I will share this with the PFS list serve for Massachusetts.

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