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Norfolk State of Mind

OTM Muzic release by A-Rock & Just Archie (ARJA)

Lyrics  by Archie Boone Jr.| New Music | November 13, 2018


Top of the morning! Good morning love, just press play. Put your hands where I can see them. Bust a rhyme in  hallways. I’ll be back in a flash. It’s like I’m here all day. If you need an emcee, then you can just call me, Archie! Living in the rhythm, do it properly. I’m from a city in Virginia, that’s a part of me. Logically, it’s got to be. Real, like the God in me. Boom ba da bing. Let me sing until I’m free. We used to pick cotton off the shores of VA Beach- here them Campostella fellas found a body in the creek. So, I sleep with my eyes open-hoping they were joking. Because my heart was fully loaded, and if it’s murder, she wrote. Oh, it’s a cold day. The hawk is in your area. Gil Scott Heron told us it’s “Winter in America.” Now we got your fiending, and you leaning on the barriers. That’s real, King had dream but we the carriers.


Half of the story has never been written. Bottom of the month and we don’t want to cancel Christmas. Coming up with nothing job hunting for a living. We ran out of juice like O.J. Simpson. Faxing off my resuming, really are you kidding? We just over broke. So, we mind our business. It hurts when your spouse is like, “I don’t even feel it.” And lyrically they say the rap game is off limits. We see another market that A. Richardson invented. We told you we were hungry, and so we wrote it in the kitchen. Ran out of food, aint no water for the dishes. Now we moving out. Fight or Flight was a privilege. I had the chance to write my own ticket, but I missed. I had the chance to do it like Nike, didn’t. I had the chance to prove that I was nice. So I ripped it at Campus Chaos at ODU. That’s where we flip it.


N-O-R-F-O-L-K. Standup Virginia on the mountain top, we blaze. Wait another minute before you splurge another millions. I got to spit the truth for the youth cause’ it was written. The next best- no, you aint seen nothing yet. Faith comes by hearing. Come and get it for yourself. They say hip-hop is dead this is all we got left. But the underground lives resurrection come. Check one two A-Rock and Archie making P-Town move. Cause we more than rappers like C.L. Smooth. And yes God it was hard we choose to cruise. I said I’m more than a rapper I got nothing to loose. A-Rock is the bed-stone. These lyrics will slap you. I ain’t gotta say that you suck; you vacuum. And the whole town holding it down like bathrooms. Turned leaky faucets- we flooding the path, dude.


N-O-R-F-O-L-K  V-A. We from a city in Virginia like Fam-lay. Timbaland, Missy, Mister Magoo and Nicole Ray
Behold the green and gold. Norfolk State of Mind all day (repeat).

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