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No Time – Just Archie

Just Archie “No Time”
Directed/Edited: DeAndre Fulton
Executive Producer: Archie Boone Jr.
Starring Just Archie & Charie Williams
Music Produced: arockdasupa

In “No Time” a Stranger Can Change Your Life.

A homeless artist is starving for a break in the streets of Norfolk, Virginia. He sleeps under a bench, one that an evicted waitress sits on to gain her composure after being fired from her job. The homeless artist receives cash from people passing by. He uses his donations to change the circumstance of the hopeless waitress. Two artists, a rapper and an illustrator/painter are participants in a series of occurrences that brings their lives to an interesting intersection at Zeke’s. In “no time” a stranger can change your life.

Homeless Man- Archie Boone Jr.
Waitress- Charie Williams
Office Manager- ShaiTesha Bueno
Little boy 1- Archie Boone III
Little boy 2- Adam Boone
Drunk- James “Christixvn” Christian
Lady on Bench- Tamika Bright-Stubblefield
Waitress 2- Mary Glassburner
Man on Corner- Anthony Richardson

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