Changes In Law

Changes in Law

As of July 1, the Safe Reporting of Overdoses law removes “if requested by a law enforcement officer, you must substantially cooperate in any investigation of any criminal offense reasonably related to the controlled substance or alcohol that led to the overdose.” This change is an effort to promote more people to call 911 for overdoses.

As of July 1, the general assembly removed the requirement to obtain a controlled substances registration for naloxone storage (except intramuscular injection formulation). For more information, please contact the Board of Pharmacy.

In 2018, Virginia had 1,213 fatal overdoses, a decrease from the 1,230 in 2017, but still high.

Numbers can take away the humanity of a crisis. Take a moment and try to think of 1,213 people—maybe this is the number of Facebook friends you have. Your entire high school? Neighborhood? Imagine if all those people vanished, not just the number documenting their existence, but all of their memories and contributions.

Let us put a face to each of those numbers. Please email me at if you want to share a story about a friend or family member that has overdosed.