Surviving COVID-19

As we are opening up the nation for Phase 2, we are also opening up for conversations about race relations, health equity, and surviving COVID-19. Tag someone that desires to talk about racial injustice. We have a podcast and platforms that we want to share with anyone that shares beliefs or has differences to express.  Please reach out to HOLLA LLC at 757-776-2007.



Writer: Archie Boone Jr.


Everyday is feeling like a Sunday

Someday, we wont be around on that Monday.

One day, look up the clouds on sunny day.

I’ll be taking off on the runway.


Wasn’t raised too far from the gunplay

What the AK say when that thang spray?

Still Virginia Beach Strong and that’s all day.

I relay what the Lord say then I pray.

3:30 in the morning I’m already late.

One hour til I shower at the gym space.

5:30 stomach hurting I ain’t even ate.

Loving God on my job imma seek His face.

Motivate. Meditate. Elevate.

Came a long way from trying to self medicate.

182.9 my official weight.

Set a date. Don’t be late. Dedicate.

Ain’t no squares round here cause they outta shape.

I’m putting faith over fear. Got a lot at stake.

Y’all too close so get away.

I got the money bags I’mma make away.


Few, I’m gone. My nigga I’m on

Stepping through them heavens

like I’m looking for throne.

Lord forgive me if you hear me.

Feel  I’m living on my own.

My thoughts are at home with my body and my bones.

But my heart more less with the spirit. I’m at rest.

I want a sense of self not the worldly success.

Give me your best keep abreast  and they bless me . Want a friend til the end they all left me.

Was deep in conceit from my knees to the feet.

I was so incomplete now my soul you can keep.

Imma living vessel and you something special.

I’m just trying to die so we can be together.

Forever means forever. Here’s my love letter.

Everything that’s in my heart, you see the treasure.

I give it to you all to receive it better.

Cause when it comes back it’s beyond measure.


The sun shining. Perfect timing.

Clouds with a silver lining bringing balance.

Mile high climbing got a team around us.

Living water brought us where they couldn’t find us

You came with new additions never meant to minus

My assignment as a rhymer is to redefine it.

My assignment as reformer is to realign it.

From the Virginia to California with warm climate

I’m on diamond like Lord Byron.

I heard the siren of your calling we can go to Zion.

Heard your tone on my own I was so defiant.

Can’t leave Love alone I am so reliant.

Trying to bring love home with my soul dying

Trying to bring love home hear my soul crying

Look up the skies see my soul flying.

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