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Mr. Archie Lee Boone, Jr.

Neurodevelopmental Specialist

Teaching is not a job; it is a calling. I develop and train young minds, which involves evaluating and teaching young children who show signs of motor and developmental delays. Trained by teachers of teachers, I am guided by a conceptual framework that prepares educators to be competent, compassionate, collaborative, and committed leaders.

I have recently completed the vigorous coursework and sequence of field experience at Norfolk State University starting with the courses- Foundation of Education, Level I Observation, Level II Observation and Participation, and concluding with Level III Student Teaching, Practicum, and Internship. In preparation for a successful teaching career, I am a member of  The National Education Association and Student Virginia Education Association. I participate regularly in meetings and professional seminars that are an integral part of my professional development.

I believe that teaching requires the ability to instruct and implement curriculum, cooperate on a team, but also work independently. I have become a teacher so that I may positively influence the hearts and minds of young learners. Supporting an entire classroom of students requires a driven individual who is a servant leader. Students deserve educators who are committed to achieving excellence and demonstrate qualities of leadership, adaptability, and creativity. I have the educational and professional training that equates with the requirements of employment as a teacher. I am prepared to meet the demands of a highly challenging and rewarding career.

Evidenced by the many hours given to classroom instruction, community support, and prevention services that I have provided to Norfolk residents, I look forward to partnering with community leaders and school divisions that embrace a mindset of growth. As years go on, so do the practices of education. We have to be ready and willing to adapt, adhere, and advocate for all learners. With a great interest in implementing evidence based practices in classrooms, I plan to demonstrate that teachers and schools are advancing towards the 21st century learning environments. I look forward to serving your division.