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On Top of the Mountain Records is an independent record label whose mission is to equip and inspire young artist to use their gifts and talents to enrich their lives at home and in their communities. Many young artists have found special avenues to express themselves in very unique ways where their talents would have otherwise, gone unnoticed. For some, it is OTM Records and there is no other way.






Anthony “A-Rock” Richardson

A-Rock was born in Norfolk, Virginia to a family of musical influences. His grandmother and aunt often worked with record labels and radio stations. Anthony’s uncle was a disc jockey in local clubs. His upbringing influenced his musical ambitions.

A-Rock found his passion after one visit to the recording studio.  He began spinning records in the late 80’s as DJ Ant. His first group was called, “Just Plain Dope.” Together, the group fell in love with Hiphop.

A-Rock abandoned his group as a disc jockey when he discovered his passion for producing in the 90’s.  He purchased an ARS-10 Keyboard, which at the time was a state of art instrument for making beats.  A-Rock joined the Warlords, and later formed the A-Rock Squad for unsigned artists. As the A-Rock sound grew popular in the streets of Eastern Virginia, so did duplication of his signature.  Members of Warlord moved away, so A-Rock formed the Brick Yard Union, with his younger brother and college friends.

Still endeared by Hiphop music,  A-Rock sought out management and opportunities to produce music. He earned production credit for R & B artist, Lisa Thompson and Hiphop Female-Rapper, Miscelanyus. After two decades of tireless effort, A-Rock was awarded Producer of The Year at Urban Independent Music Awards 2003.
In 2007, A-Rock and Archie Boone joined forces. They utilize several decades of experience in songwriting, music production and engineering, as well as entrepreneurship to make a collective impact on communities and target markets.

Archie “Just Archie” Boone Jr.

Archie is a Norfolk Native.  A fore-runner among the Christian hip-hop community artist in Hampton Roads, Virginia, his protégé is Portia “Absolute” Bryant. Archie chose a different path from that of many music makers. His music inspires youth to make positive choices by harnessing the power of rap and spoken word.

In 2009, Archie co-founded The Shoutout Music Therapy Program to showcase the music talent of children. His programs cater to youth and young adults that are as passionate about music as he is. Archie believes in rap not just as an art form, but as a communication tool- and ardently makes sure children are both heard and supported their talents.

While working on a community music project, Archie was introduced to A-Rock. Having launched an independent music label, A-Rock invited Archie to work in his studio. Shortly after the release of their joint project, Archie joined A-Rock as a partner of the label.  Proving his loyalty, Archie dropped his brand name and messaging to focus on strengthening his partnership with A-Rock.