Love Songs for Corona: The Pandemic

Thank you for being the first to hear our newest project at OTMMuzic, LLC. Stay focused and enjoy the bliss of love. Happy Birthday to Anthony K Richardson, Shquita Boone, and Archie Boone Sr. #RIPGeorgeFloyd #ICannotBreathe #blackinamerica

Love Songs for Corona: The Pandemic

Album Credits

My Name is COVID-19

Skit by ARock Dasupa

Corona Kisses

Writers: Archie L. Boone Jr., Abby M. Boone

Washington Cherry Blossom

Skit by ARock Dasupa

Artist: Just Archie, Sh’Quita

What Up Girl (I Need You)

Artist: Arock & Just Archie, Sh’Quita

On My Life

Artist: Just Archie

Put Your Order In

Skit by ARock Dasupa

Thank You

Skit by ARock Dasupa

Everyday Sunday

Mixing: Archie L. Boone Jr.

Mastering: Anthony K. Richardson for OTM Muzic LLC, Portsmouth, VA, USA.

Recorded at the HOLLA Lab by HOLLA LLC, Norfolk, VA, USA.

©2020 All Rights Reserved OTM Muzic LLC. All songs published with the permission of ARJA for Da Supa Producer Publishing, ASCAP and Vanzetti Ministries Publishing, BMI.


Just Archie | To Sh’Quita Boone and our children. Life is simple. Times are hard. Let’s make love a pandemic. I appreciate ARock for being such an intelligent vessel and tenacious business partner.

ARJA |   Respect and honor to Josh Whitener for writing articles and interviewing us; Emanuel “EMAN” Carraway of Emangine Photography for capturing the vision of our team.