Love Songs for Corona: The Pandemic

Thank you for being the first to hear our newest project at OTMMuzic, LLC. Stay focused and enjoy the bliss of love. Happy Birthday to Anthony K Richardson, Shquita Boone, and Archie Boone Sr. #RIPGeorgeFloyd #ICannotBreathe #blackinamerica

Love Songs for Corona: The Pandemic

Album Credits

My Name is COVID-19

Skit by ARock Dasupa

Corona Kisses

Writers: Archie L. Boone Jr., Abby M. Boone

Washington Cherry Blossom

Skit by ARock Dasupa

Artist: Just Archie, Sh’Quita

What Up Girl (I Need You)

Artist: Arock & Just Archie, Sh’Quita

On My Life

Artist: Just Archie

Put Your Order In

Skit by ARock Dasupa

Thank You

Skit by ARock Dasupa

Everyday Sunday

Mixing: Archie L. Boone Jr.

Mastering: Anthony K. Richardson for OTM Muzic LLC, Portsmouth, VA, USA.

Recorded at the HOLLA Lab by HOLLA LLC, Norfolk, VA, USA.

©2020 All Rights Reserved OTM Muzic LLC. All songs published with the permission of ARJA for Da Supa Producer Publishing, ASCAP and Vanzetti Ministries Publishing, BMI.


Just Archie | To Sh’Quita Boone and our children. Life is simple. Times are hard. Let’s make love a pandemic. I appreciate ARock for being such an intelligent vessel and tenacious business partner.

ARJA |   Respect and honor to Josh Whitener for writing articles and interviewing us; Emanuel “EMAN” Carraway of Emangine Photography for capturing the vision of our team.

Hidden In Plain Sight


Prevention Services: Hidden In Plain Sight

Saturday, February 15, 2020


Join Norfolk Community Services Board and Barry Robinson Center for a conversation about substance use in our community. We’ll show you what’s happening through an interactive program where signs of substance use are often “hidden in plain sight.”

You’ll walk through a typical teenage bedroom that’s set up with drug paraphernalia “Hidden in Plain Sight.”

This interactive display offers insights into current trends in youth substance abuse, drug paraphernalia, and concealment of illicit drugs and alcohol. This will be a safe place to talk with parents and community experts about drug trends, how to talk to youth about alcohol and drugs, and what to do if you suspect a problem. We’ll also share resources available to help you and your family. You’ll leave better informed and equipped to take action, if needed. Addressing problem behavior early is critical to prevent negative consequences of substance use, such as unsafe decisions and addiction.